Thursday, January 15, 2015

pho to card woah hhhh

                                                              Day 1: Self Portrait

Day 2: What You Wore Today
                                                             Day 3: clouds
Day 4: Something Green
Day 5: Birds Eye View
Day 6: Worms Eye View
Day 7: Fruit
Day 8: Bad Habit (By The Kooks)
Day 9: Someone you love
Day 10: Childhood Memory
Day 11:Something Blue
Day 12: Sunset
Day 13: 13 Things
Day 14: Eyes
Day 15: Silhouette
Day 16: Long Expsure(dont have)

Day 17: Technology
Day18: Shoes
Day 19: Something Orange
Day 20: Bokeh (dont have)

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait
Day 22: Hands
Day 23: Sunflare
Day 24: Animal

Day 25: Something Pink
Day 26: Close Up
Day 27: From a Distance
Day 28: Flowers
Day 29: Black & White 
Day 30: Self Portrait 

Yes I know that I used my horse (Dallas) for many of the pictures, but it was because I either had a picture already, or I thought it would be cute. I just didn't want anyone thinking that the reason there are so many pictures of home is because I was lazy. Thats all :^)

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